Zogoflex Jive Dog Ball

We’ve been looking for a tough but not too hard or heavy ball for a long time now. Our boy Tucker, a Ridgeback/mix, lives to play fetch. He prefers balls over sticks, and if left unsupervised will destroy and consume an regular tennis ball within minutes. For this reason, and the associated expense, we have to be real careful and not leave him alone with his ChuckIt balls either. Kong’s are good and their odd shape do make for an entertaining bounce, but we wanted something much more ball-like.

Zogoflex means Tough AND Practical


West Paw Design, the makers of the Zogoflex line of pet products classify the Jive Dog Ball as a CHEW toy, built for fetch, with a Durability Guarantee. The small even fits in most standard ball throwers like a tennis ball at 2.5″ We’re really pleased with how well it has held up. We gave it to our boy, Tucker, who is quite proficient at chewing toys (and bones, and sticks..) to bits. It has been his exclusive first choice of fetch toy for three weeks now and he’s had constant access to it. On numerous occasions we’ve witnessed him just gnawing away, rubbing his teeth and massaging his gums. He’s considered a large dog at 60 lbs but we got the small Zogoflex Jive Dog Ball since he loves tennis balls so much and we liked the option of using the ball flinger.

west paw design zogoflex jive dog ball review

Stock Product Image of Zogoflex Jive Dog Ball by West Paw Design
West Paw Design Zogoflex Jive Dog Ball in Package

On-Shelf Packaging for Zogoflex Jive Dog Ball from West Paw Design
Zogoflex Jive Dog Ball Durability Test, Week 3

The Zogoflex Jive Dog Ball After 3 Weeks Constant Use



West Paw Design calls the Zogoflex Jive Dog Ball their most durable dog ball to date. Their product information will tell you it’s non-toxic and safe, made BPA-free, Phthalate-free, latex-free and FDA compliant. They float, you can wash them in the dishwasher, they’re made in the USA and have their highest durability rating, but it’s not quite clear just what Zogoflex IS. ??


We’ve tried a few of well known big-brand names and their versions of a durable ball, but so far Tucker has managed to destroy each one and we’ve never liked how heavy some of them are. The Zogoflex Jive is also a heavy ball, but much less so than the rest we’ve tried at this time. We never felt safe with Tucker catching any of the others as a fly ball and made sure he was going after them following a bounce, etc, and we mostly still do the same with this ball just to be safe, but we at least don’t cringe when he does manage to get directly under it and catch it right out of the sky without any slow-down bounce, etc.


Zogoflex Jive Dog Ball by West Paw Design

Definitely Durable, Safe, Non-Toxic, Machine Washable, Earth-Friendly, Buoyant, and compatible with standard ball throwers.

Still not a ‘light’ ball, but lighter than most.

Final Thoughts:
We think West Paw Design did a terrific job delivering what they advertise. It’s a great ball. Our dog loves it and it has withstood his constant attention for over three weeks now. If it keeps this up for at least another three weeks we’ll consider it a win. Anything after that is truly a bonus.

Company Name: West Paw Design
Product: Zogoflex Jive Dog Ball

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