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Dog ID Tags. Essential Dog Supplies 6 of 10.

Sample of Dog ID Tags
Dog tags come in two basic varieties – decorative and informative. Often they are both, but we advise caution about combining the two. The reason, in our opinion, is the primary purpose of the tag should be to provide information in case your dog is found lost. If the chosen tag is TOO decorative and impedes the display of the pertinent information, maybe consider getting two. Get the fun decorative one with the sparkles .

Dog Collars. Essential Dog Supplies 5 of 10.

Variety of Dog Collars
Dog collars may not technically be required by law, but they certainly are the most common and easiest way to comply with just about every law, ordinance, and HOA rules which do require that pets be under their owners control at all times. Plus, they make life easier for you if you need to grab them real quick and are a simple way to help get them home if they ever get loose or .

Dog Bowls and Feeders. Essential Dog Supplies 4 of 10.

Sample of dog bowls and feeders
Dog bowls will be a frequent part of your daily routine. We feed our pups twice a day. They each have their own food bowl and share a 3rd water bowl. The best thing about dog bowls is if you get a nice metal or ceramic one they can last pretty much forever. In fact, one of our sets was passed down from our dog of 11 years before we got our current two. .