This is a booming product category in the pet industry, and with services like Amazon and Chewy’s really just about everything is available for delivery these days, so for the sake of keeping this focused and simple we’re going to start with only those brands which ship direct from the manufacturer to the customer. There are a lot of polarizing opinions about pet food and we, like you, are always striving to learn a little more and do a little better. We know there are lots of pet food choices out there and that’s good since there are millions of pets and each one is unique.

We feed our dogs a combination of kibble we buy at the local pet supply store and supplement it with NomNomNow. We know the folks over there and have a business relationship with them, but we also buy our food from them just like any other customer. We regularly try new foods with our dogs and are pleased to see the innovations coming from these smaller independents and the larger manufacturers alike.

So this is not a review but more of a listing. What we will tell you, however, is how much will be donated to a pet food charity if you click on the link associated with each product below and make a purchase. Everything about this site is to raise funds for pet food charities, because we have an affiliate relationship with each provider below this is what we can guarantee will be donated. Choose what is best for you and your pet at this time. Our listings include cooked, raw, and kibble.

Nom Nom Now

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in the SF Bay Area, NomNomNow home delivers dog meals made with the freshest, restaurant-quality ingredients—all with the convenience of automatic reorder and free shipping. NomNomNow meals are cooked weekly in the company’s local kitchen, individually proportioned, tailored to meet the specific nutrition needs of each dog, and ready to serve with no prep. Today, NomNomNow serves dogs across 48 contiguous states.

  • Veterinarian FormulatedDr. Justin Shmalberg is a clinician and professor at the University of Florida’s Small Animal Hospital and one of the world’s leading experts on cutting-edge dog nutrition. He’s real. You can look him up and he works directly with NomNomNow.
  • 5 Menu Options for Dogs and 2 for Cats – We like the variety and regularly make online edits to our account to switch-up their food options. There is even a pork for all the dogs who don’t tolerate poultry very well.
  • Delivered Fresh – It is real food, cooked gently and packaged and delivered fresh each week. Each meal is individually packaged and they can also be frozen to use at later dates.
  • Free Shipping – The company takes the shipping and delivery operations very seriously and it is the only part they do not directly control so if you ever experience any issues whatsoever with these services they want to hear about it and are great at responding.


A New Breed of Dog Food.

  • Veterinarian FormulatedMyOllie worked with a veterinarian with a nutritional expertise to create their meals.
  • 4 Menu Options for Dogs – Clean and simple. 2 poultry options – Turkey and Chicken, and 2 meats – Beef and Lamb.
  • Delivered Fresh or Frozen – It is gently cooked and packaged in bulk with a scoop for serving.
  • Delivery cost is unknown – Nothing on the site promotes Free Delivery. This could either be an oversight or a fact, and let’s face it, we all know delivery is never free, but it still is nice to not have to worry about.


Established in 1979, Wysong Corporation is one of the true pioneers of natural healthy pet foods and holistic pet health care & nutrition. Conceived and led by Dr. Wysong, we are a family company that puts principle ahead of market.

  • In-house Pet Health Doctorate Professionals – Originally conceived by Dr. Wysong, now developed by in-house pet health doctorate professionals and produced in our own manufacturing facilities.
  • LOTS of Pet Food Choices – Wysong offers dry, canned, raw, and supplements for Dogs, Cats, and Ferrets.
  • Delivered Fresh – Nothing is frozen, not even the raw.
  • Free Shipping – On orders over $75 and discounts offered with auto-ship requirements.

Raw Paws

Our mission is to make it practical, affordable, and accessible for you, as a pet parent, to provide your dog or cat with the healthiest pet food, treats, chews, supplements and more!

  • Raw Feeding SpecialistsRaw Paws offers assistance with their Raw Feeding Specialists.
  • LOTS of Pet Food Choices – Raw Paws offers dozens of food and treat options for both dogs and cats.
  • Delivered Fresh – Raw Paws offers both Frozen and Freeze-Dried options.
  • Free Shipping Available – For Non-Frozen items over $49 and Frozen items over $199.