Embrace Pet Insurance Free Quote Tool Review

Embrace Pet Insurance Free Quote Tool

Embrace Pet Insurance offers a quick and simple online tool to find out how much pet insurance will cost. With a few simple questions a quote is immediately returned along with options for customizing the coverage amounts and costs.

Dozens of Pet Insurance Plans available


In total, there are 14 questions asked with most either yes/no or a simple multiple-choice selection.

  • Pet’s Name. Helpful if you end up entering information for multiple pets.
  • Zip Code.
  • Species? You select the graphic for dog or cat.
  • Type of Pet. You choose Mixed/Hybrid or Purebred. (Not clear why this is necessary given the next field.)
  • Breed The dropdown menu of choices is oddly particular and a bit limited. There is the generic ‘mixed breed’ catchall, along with a handful of specific types of mixes with a predominant breed, and then a relatively short list of other purebreds.
  • Birthdate. It’s okay to guess, and you select from the dropdown menus for month and then year.
  • Where your pet came from. There are four graphics to choose from for Breeder, Shelter/Rescue, Family/Friend, and Other.
  • Previous diagnosis. This is a Yes/No question specific to Diabetes, Cushings Disease, or FelLV/LIV.
  • Is your pet spayed or neutered? Yes/No question with a 5% discount for Yes.
  • Multiple Pets? Yes/No with a 5% discount if you’re quoting an additional pet.
  • Active or Retired Military? Yes/No with a 5% discount if yes.
  • Will you be paying using your bank account? Yes/No with a 5% discount if yes, in SOME states.
  • Email Address. Enter your email address if you’d like to save this quote.
  • With the information submitted you are taken to the third page where there are two default plans displayed and a third option to select and customize your plan based on the Annual Maximum, the Annual Deductible, and the percentage of Reimbursement.

    Embrace Pet Insurance Quote 1

    Embrace Pet Insurance Recommended Quote 1
    Embrace Pet Insurance Quote 2

    Embrace Pet Insurance Recommended Quote 2
    Embrace Pet Insurance Custom Quote

    Embrace Pet Insurance Custom Quote Option



    At first glance the Embrace Pet Insurance Quote Tool is a lot like any of the others with many of the same basic questions. Some of the questions, however, are a bit peculiar. For example, at no point do I tell them how small or large my dog is. You can assume this information is either inferred by the Breed dropdown choices, or maybe doesn’t matter. But given how limited the Breed dropdown selection choices are, it’s assumed that size and type of dog are not large factors for calculating the risk and healthcare costs of certain dogs. Then there is the question about three very specific previous diseases versus any other pre-existing condition, along with their interest in where your dog came from – breeder, shelter, gift, ‘other’. There is no harm in asking these questions, but it does make one wonder how relevant they are for calculating coverage costs.

    The quote customization option is an excellent feature, but with 3 coverage amounts, 5 annual deductible choices, and 3 annual maximum caps, it ends up giving the consumer 45 variations to choose from. And when all the variations are reviewed, the consumer learns the monthly payments can vary by well over 1000%. For our Maya, a four-year-old mixed breed, the monthly fees ranged from as little as $9.62/month (maximum deductible of $1,000, smallest annual maximum of $5,000, and minimal reimbursement of 65%) to as high as $114.52 (minimum deductible of $100, largest annual maximum of $15,000, and maximum reimbursement of 90%). The chart of our quotes is below, and you can see it gets a bit mind-numbing to make a choice, and don’t even try to understand the math that has been applied. It makes very little sense.

    Embrace Pet Insurance Premium Pricing Chart

    Embrace Pet Insurance Monthly Premium Options for our 4-year old mixed breed dog.


    For comparisons we stuck to our formula of assuming ten years of monthly payments and a single incident with a $5,000 vet bill. While this formula isn’t exactly scientific (costs will change and you’ll likely have multiple smaller claims during a ten-year period), it gives us a basis for an ‘all things being equal’ sort of comparison. This formula allows us to see how much money we’ll spend versus what we’d get back or be covered for with an incident.

    FORMULA = Monthly Payments X 120 Months (10 years) – Cost of Incident ($5,000) x Reimbursement (65%, 80%, 90%) + Annual Deductible.
    For example, the plan of 65% coverage with an Annual Deductible of $1,000 and an Annual Maximum of $5,000 costs $9.62/month.
    The calculation for this is $9.62 x 120 months [$1,154.40], minus 65% coverage of the $5,000 incident [$3,250], plus the Annual Deductible of $1,000 =

    As you can see, a lot of numbers start to come into play even for our simple made-up scenario for review purposes only. Out of 45 plans, there are 12 which provide more money in reimbursement than what has been spent over time. And as you can imagine, life isn’t so predictable as this. For one, the coverage costs may go up as your dog gets older, or they may go down as more pet owners invest in pet insurance. Also, your dog may have multiple incidents (we hope not) over this time period, some costing more, and some costing less.

    Embrace Pet Insurance Costs and Coverage Chart

    Embrace Pet Insurance Costs and Coverage Chart.


    Product Name

    The free quote tool from Embrace Pet Insurance does exactly what it promises. It’s easy to use and with some simple information it immediately returns a no obligation quote with a multitude of pricing and coverage options.

    While we love the wide variety of choices, it can be a bit confusing trying to figure out which is the best option for you and your pet, and with the wide range of costs and coverage, it is a considerable decision to try and make.

    Final Thoughts:
    The Embrace Pet Insurance Free Quote Tool delivers what it promises and is easy to use. The video below shows a quick demonstration of how we got our quote for the numbers above, and we encourage everyone to take a couple of minutes and give it a try. The old rule always applies when considering insurance – it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. The links below will take you directly to their site so you can get your quote today.

    Company: Embrace Pet Insurance
    Product: Free Quote and Customization Tool

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