Richel Convertible Elite 6 Panel Pet Gate – Autumn Matte

Richell’s Convertible Elite Pet Gate can convert to a pen, freestanding gate, or a room divider as your pet grows.


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The gate includes a door panel to help you pass through the opening with ease without having to move the entire gate. Each panel locks in place at 90 and 180-degrees toprovide extra stability with specially designed caps. Convertible Elite Pet Gate comes in two heights; 31.5″ and 35.8″ H.


  • Specially designed cap locks panels in place at 90 and 180 degree angles for extra stability
  • Lockable gate door allows easy movement from room to room
  • Convertible Floor Tray available to help keep floors dry and scratch-free!
  • Beautiful hardwood construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • If necessary, 2 sets of the gates can be combined for a larger space.

General Product Information:

  • DO NOT move panels while caps are on to avoid product damage.
  • 6-Panel (Original): Recommended for small- large dogs 8.8 to 44 lbs. (4-20kg)
  • H6 (High): Recommended for small- large dogs 8.8 to 88 lbs. (4-40kg)
  • 6-Panel: 1 1/8″ space between wire slats
  • H6: 1 1/2″ space between wire slats
  • Width of the door opening: 25.6″

Additional information

Weight 71.4 lbs
Dimensions 9.00 × 36.00 × 39 in