Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Pets

Are you prepared to evacuate with your pet in case of emergency? Do you know where you’ll go if you must leave your home, your neighborhood, or your town? Have you thought about and gathered the necessary supplies you’ll need, especially if you must leave your pets at a local shelter?

Get organized and prepared with this downloadable PDF document. Fill in the blanks and print out your specific plan to share with family and friends as backup.

Take a few minutes now to gather the information and supplies you’ll need to ensure your pets are as safe and comfortable as possible in a time of need.

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  • Downloadable
  • Customizable
  • Printable
  • Shareable

Note: This document is available in industry-standard Adobe PDF format and can be viewed, edited, and printed with the free Adobe Reader software readily available on most computers. It will also work directly in some browsers but NOT Mozilla’s Firefox.

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