HoundAbout Pet Food Pantry Charities

Supporting Those Who Support Families with Pets

Every purchase on HoundAbout benefits one or more Pet Food Charity that you choose!
It’s really easy:

  • Shop HoundAbout.com
  • During checkout, you’ll be asked to select the Pet Food Charity of your choice.
  • That’s it! 50% of the proceeds from your purchase will go to that pet food charity.

These Pet Food Charities are all official non-profit 501(c)3 Pet Food Pantries, Pet Food Banks, or similar assistance-based organizations operating to help pet owners feed and care for their pets in their homes, with their families, instead of being abandoned or surrendered to shelters and rescues.

It is 100 times more cost-effective to keep a pet in their home than it is to care for and re-home them through a shelter, so every dollar generated goes a LONG way. Plus, they keep families together and avoid the devastating emotional turmoil suffered by both the people and the animal when forced to give up the pet during times of economic stress.

The goal is simple: keeping pets and families together, in their home, where they belong.

* If you operate or know of another Pet Food Charity which should be listed here, please give us a call or send a note, we’d love to add them to our list, as well as sharing additional resources available to them through this community of supporting partners.

If you are seeking assistance, or wish to learn more about each of these Pet Food Charities, please visit our page under Pet Services.

The Pet Food Charities we currently support are listed below.

Pet Food Charities by State

HoundAbout Pet Food Pantry Charities