Doggy Sleepovers

When you have dogs, and your friends have dogs, and your dogs end up spending time together and get along well enough, it’s inevitable that one day either you’ll need them to watch your dogs, or they’ll ask if you

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Dogs, Parks, and Dog Parks

Living in the Denver Metro area of Colorado, we very much appreciate and utilize our local off-leash dog parks. Specifically, we go to the large ones next to the reservoirs. To hike around the perimeter of one is about 2

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Choosing Pet Insurance

After replacing two ACLs on our previous dog, we consider pet insurance a necessary expense that just comes with owning a dog. When we adopted our two current pups, we immediately got them covered. We recently decided it was time

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KONG, On The Go, Adjustable Harness for Dogs

We really are big fans of the Kong products. While we did recently share a post about a bit of disappointment with one of their products, we fully disclose that it was our own fault for making erroneous assumptions, and

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The KONG Snugga Wubba Dog Toy

This week our little boy, Tucker, turned two. To celebrate, we stopped at the local PetCo and picked up a special treat and a new toy. He loves stealing the neighbor’s Wubba (made by Kong) in it’s more traditional and

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Dog Park Etiquette

We love dog parks. Especially now that we live in a city and don’t have nearly as much access to open space. When we lived in Boulder, our dogs almost never went to dog parks since we could take them

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